I am a third-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley studying computer science, where I am also an undergraduate researcher at BAIR, working with Professor Pieter Abbeel and Professor Deepak Pathak on reinforcement learning and robotics. Earlier, I was very fortunate to work with Professor Zhuowen Tu on 3D generative modeling as a high school researcher at UCSD.

My research interests include reinforcement learning, robotics, and computer vision. Currently I’m interested in building general-purpose controllers for robotics.

In my free time, I am also an enthusiastic violinist and a passionate photographer. You can view some of the photos I took here.


One Policy to Control Them All:
Shared Modular Policies for Agent-Agnostic Control

Wenlong Huang, Igor Mordatch, Deepak Pathak
ICML 2020
webpage | paper | code | demo video | oral talk
3D Volumetric Modeling with Introspective Neural Networks
Wenlong Huang*, Brian Lai*, Weijian Xu, Zhuowen Tu
AAAI 2019


UC Berkeley

B.A. in Computer Science, 2018 - Present
Coursework: *Deep Reinforcement Learning (CS 285), Machine Learning (CS 189), Computer Graphics (CS 184), Computer Vision and Computational Photography (CS 194), Algorithms (CS 170), Database (CS 186), Intro to AI (CS 188), Statistics (STAT 135), Machine Structures (CS 61C), Data Structures (CS 61B), Discrete Math and Probability (CS 70), Data Science (Data 8)

UC San Diego

High School Concurrent Enrollment, 2016 - 2018
Coursework: *Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision-Making (CSE 250A), *Automated Reasoning in AI (CSE 291E), *Machine Learning on 3D Data (CSE 291I), Neural Networks and Deep Learning (COGS 181), AI Algorithms and Social Languages (COGS 188), Engineering Probability and Statistics (ECE 109), Multivariable Calculus (MATH 20C), Differentiable Equations (MATH 20D), Discrete Math (CSE 20), Intro to Data Science (COGS 9)

*Graduate-Level Courses